At ACS we will try to get you through this experience with care and understanding.  I am an AVID animal lover and have had a pet my entire life. I know what you are going through and I want to make this as pain free as possible.  I charge an Affordable rate and I will handle your pet as if it was mine.  I know this was your  “best friend” ,  “child” , “companion” so I will treat him with RESPECT<

I offer the ONLY LOCAL in CHICAGO pet cremation site.

Why drive hours with your pet when I am local to you?

I will also be there for you 24 hours a day and offer a pick-up service. 

I will also return  to your home your pet at additional fee

Low fees apply because I do my OWN work.

 We accept  Cash Check or Credit card for payment.

7 Replies to “A C S”

  1. bob was very compassionate and helpful and explained the process. He showed me the crematorium and explained the process again. My wife was real sad and he was patient. We had our dogs ashes by 2:30 n the afternoon and we were very pleased with the cost and services.

  2. I unfortunately had to use Bob’s services for my beloved Sebastian. Bob was very caring, kind and understanding. I called him throughout the day due to my own anxiety about bringing my baby back home and Bob never got irritated with me. He gave me hugs and beautiful memorial pieces for my baby that are helping me heal and all at a very reasonable price. I would highly recommend his compassionate services.

  3. Bob is indeed an “avid animal lover,” which showed in the thought and love he put in to preserving the remains of and memorializing our much-loved little cat, Figgie. We are grateful that Bob is there to help people (like us) suffering the loss of a dear pet. Thanks again, Bob.

  4. Dear Bob, My family is very pleased with the dignified and compassionate service that you provided to us, and our beloved dog Molly. we loved the thoughtful remembrances you provided, it helped in our grieving. Thank you. God bless you and your family.

  5. Bob, I want to drop a short note on behalf of Tom and I for taking care of us and our beloved Sammy during our time of need. You certainly made an otherwise traumatic and painful moment a much more enduring one. Thank you for being in tune with the ‘now’- it takes extreme professionalism and the biggest of hearts to show the compassion — on my son’s passing and I am sure you show day in, day out. Thank you for being an animal lover. But most of all, thank you for providing my Sammy with the most dignified of moments in his final journey.

  6. we had out small Molly Rose that we had for 15+years and she was in really bad shape we were at the Vet’s and wanted an honest opinion and were told that her quality of life was fading so we asked to to put her to sleep she allowed my wife and myself to be there in mean time i had to callBob and let him know He said to call hm when we are on the way. Again he was very compassionate and understanding. We dropped her off and since it was later in the day on Saturday he said we could pik her up on Monday He had given us a nice urn for her with other rememberances to remember her by. And he does each one separatly not like the other where the cremate a few together.
    Really can’t say enough

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